Lindsay D. Mofford - Film and Television Editor, Los Angeles, California - I.A.T.S.E Local 700

Lindsay D. Mofford

Film and Television Editor/Director
Los Angeles, California
I.A.T.S.E Local 700

About Lindsay D. Mofford

I am a film and television editor/director and content producer with over 20 years experience in the Los Angeles post-production community.

My career started as assistant to the seminal documentary director Frederick Wiseman, working with him on over 6 films. Upon arriving in Los Angeles, I quickly rose from assistant on MOWs and big budget features to editing television and independent features.

I now balance a variety of short and long form dramatic and documentary work. I have very strong narrative sensibilities, and am known for quickly bringing the dramatic or comedic arc of a piece into focus. I'm a precise and efficient dialogue editor as well as a skillful sound designer and music editor. As an intuitive storyteller, I am known for my ability to find the right song for the right scene.

I have worked with a great variety of directors and producers including Michael Bay, David Fincher, Jerry Bruckheimer, Thomas Lynch, Phillip Noyce, Robert Evans, David Zeiger, and Shawn Levy. My work has appeared in theaters and on PBS, HBO, CBS, ABC, BBC, Arte, and Nickelodeon.

Born in Japan, raised in Europe and the Caribbean, as well as Boston, I am a graduate of Emerson College in Boston and am a member of the IDA, IFP and I.A.T.S.E Local 700.