Disarm Hate - Lindsay D. Mofford - Film and Television Editor, Los Angeles, California - I.A.T.S.E Local 700

Lindsay D. Mofford

Film and Television Editor/Director
Los Angeles, California
I.A.T.S.E Local 700

Disarm Hate

Three years ago, the news of Pulse Orlando nightclub shocked and devastated the LGBTQ community. One man, a hairdresser and activist from New Jersey, Jason Hayes, decided to do something. Without experience, money or celebrity backing, he began organizing a national rally for gun violence prevention and LGBTQ civil rights to be held in Washington D.C only two months after Pulse. He called the rally DISARM HATE. Meanwhile, on the other side of the map, nine strangers from Los Angeles, made it their life's mission to get to DISARM HATE to stand behind Jason. Along the way, they stopped at sites where other LGBTQs were murdered with firearms in order to have a discussion about two of America's most polarizing past times: hate and guns. As the group opens up, they learn about themselves, the struggles within their own community, and how gun violence has ravaged our country and our lives, across all cultural, and racial lines. Disarm Hate--the Film is a call to action for anyone new to activism, tired of divisive media politics, and ready to get out and make the world a better place. Not by taking away our Constitutional rights, but by spreading knowledge, understanding and compassion in a world where it is lacking. Edited by Daniela Hinsch

Documentary , 2020

Director: Julianna Brudek
Producer: Rj Holguin | Derek James Hoppe
Company: Rugged Entertainment

Role: Editing Consultant

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